Kerry Donovan for Congress

I'm Kerry Donovan, and I'm running for Congress against Lauren Boebert.

Rancher. Educator. State Senator.

These are serious times — we need COVID relief, drought relief, more affordable health care, and an economic recovery that doesn’t leave our part of Colorado behind. As your Congresswoman, I’ll focus on getting results, not on getting headlines.

I’m a Colorado native and proud to have the cultural spirit of our great state running in my veins. I run my family ranch just up the road from Edwards. I’ve also worked as an educator and local nonprofit director, served on my town council, and for two years was an archaeologist throughout the Rockies in cultural resource management. Colorado has always been home to me — I’m proud to live here with my husband, Shad; our three dogs, Maggie, Bill Murray, and Gary; and our one-eyed cat, Mogwai. 

In 2014, I won a tough race in a rural swing district to get elected to the Colorado State Senate. Since then, I’ve worked every day to tackle the tough issues facing our community, like lowering health care premiums, reducing insulin costs, stopping surprise out-of-network billing, providing drought relief, expanding broadband access, and protecting our public lands — and I’ve gotten things done because I’ll work with anyone, regardless of their party.

Here in Colorado, we know real toughness when we see it, and we know it’s not something you wear on your hip. Real toughness is having to drive miles in the snow to take your sick child to the doctor. It’s keeping the family farm afloat when you’re being hammered by drought.

Real toughness is getting things done for other people, even when it’s hard and even when you’re attacked for it. That’s the kind of toughness I’ll bring with me to Congress. I’ll use every ounce of grit and determination I have to get our communities on their feet and people back to work.